The title of this case study sounds like an impossible task. For that reason and others, plastic container manufacturers have not moved into pre form PET containers. Producing different containers from multiple pre forms in one plant is cost effective. With minimal changes to a pre form more than one size container can be produced which gives the facility flexibility based on customer needs.

MTM Systems 740E Spin Trimmer was designed and built to handle the riggers of trimming PET, yet is flexible enough to trim extrusion blown off set neck containers at high speeds. A major player in the industry took advantage of these features along with the fact that the 740E can be easily changed to trim another size bottle with minimal downtime, no hand tools required and no costs for change over parts.

The project required trimming of multiple size containers for the household goods industry. The neck trim had to be extremely accurate as down stream of the 740E trimmer a cap and spout are inserted and glued to the trimmed opening prior to packaging. The entire operation required precision and reliable throughput. Orientation of the containers was also critical to the success of these downstream operations. The unit has exceeded customer expectations and has been successfully trimming multiple

At the very high production rates of the 740E, no other trimmer has the capabilities to trim multiple sized PET containers maintain orientation for downstream applications. The 740E is easy to operate and maintain. The unit has been running consistently for several years and will continue to do so.

This is just one of many applications that has made the 740E spin trimmer the fastest selling spin trimmer in the long history at MTM Systems.