Patented chipless trimmer for debris free facing operations

Chipless TrimmerThe Model 3000 Chipless Trimmer is MTM Systems patented answer to neck trimming for containers which must remain stationary or cannot be rotated. The blade design enables containers to be trimmed quickly, accurately, and chip free. The chipless trim is made possible with a vacuum system evacuating all debris and leaving a clean finish.

The 3000 is the optimum finishing solution for flanged containers and can replace outdated equipment trimming at speeds of up to 130 containers per minute. The unit can handle a wide array of resins, including multilayer containers and will accommodate containers of virtually any size.

Exceptionally versatile, the 3000 can be manufactured as a standalone unit to be incorporated into an existing production line, or supplied as an option for the MTM’s 5000 Container Finishing System, providing the ultimate solution to deflashing and neck trimming for those containers that cannot be spin trimmed.