Designed For Bottle Orientation Needs

The model MTM 732 is the little brother to the popular high volume MTM 742 Vertical Spin Trimmer.  For applications that do not require the higher speed capacity of the 742, the economical MTM 732 is an ideal spin trimmer when container or bottle orientation is crucial after the spin trimming process.  The dual VFD controlled ½ HP motors can handle difficult and a wide variety of materials (for PET material use MTM 740 or MTM 740E). Depending on the neck size of the container, the 732 can handle up to 100 containers per minute. The “Right-Hand” and “Left-Hand” feed versions of these variable speed trimmers come with a patented digital control heated blade and are available with a 24” or 30” blade for a wide range of container neck sizes.  Standard features include: Adjustable Height Frame, Casters, Spring Release Belt Adjustment, and Pneumatic Driven Blade Guard.  Some of the common and popular options include:

  • Timing belt for use in food grade applications
  • Discharge Corner Guide Bar to direct scrap domes to rear of trimmer
  • Remote Control Box – Allows access to controls on either side of conveyor
  • Full Perimeter Guard with In/Out Doghouses
  • Extra Frame Height to align with higher table top conveyors
  • Jam Detection with Light Tower to provide visual indication of a jam
  • In-Feed Screw Drive w/One Screw provides bottle alignment and separation
  • Vacuum Conveyor 12” includes a 7.5 HP blower system
  • High Dome Kit to accommodate special high dome containers

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732R Features & Benefits

Heated Blade Technology Gives the container a clean neck finish. Extends life of the blade. Virtually any resin will trim in the 742R. Lower capital expenditure as one machine will work on many product lines.
New Redesigned Blade Holder Allows the blade to nest at the correct angle without a lengthy setup period. Reduced blade changeover time.
Knob Screw Blade Adjustment Precise temperature control providing a clean neck finish and longer blade life.
Belt Guide Wear Strip Increases belt life and higher productivity.
Blade Guard Safer and allows quicker clearing of bottles.
Dual VFD Controlled 1/2 hp Drive Increased production speed of offset neck containers. Precision orientation control of the containers.
Bottle Jam Detection and Safety Clutch Drive
Detects bottle mistrims for auto shutdown and auto opening of the trimmer. Belt disengages bottles before any damage can occur. Less downtime.
Relay Logic Throughout No PLC troubleshooting, just basic dependable relays.
Spring Loaded Quick Change Belt Tensioning Reduces chance for operator error during belt
replacement procedure. Increased productivity.
Infeed Screw Package, Customer Mounted
Provides positive bottle alignment before entering
trimmer. Provides bottle separation for spacing through the spin trimmer.
Audible Alarm and Beacon Lights for Detection
Faster response time from plant staff.

732R Specifications


Width 40” Subject to customer requirements
Length 60” Subject to customer requirements
Height 58” Subject to customer requirements
Weight 500 lbs
Vertical Height Range
45” + 3” – 2” Height from floor to blade (other heights available upon request)

Utility Requirement

Electrical Supply
Voltage 480 V, 60 Hz, 3 Phase
Amperage 15 AMP
Compressed Air Supply
Line Size 3/8” Pipe
Pressure 90-100 psi

Motor Ratings

Trimmer 1/2 hp dual motors
Blower 1/2 hp
Conveyor 1/2 hp
Heater Blade Temperature 450°F (Max)

Container Range

Containers per Minute 120 (depending on size)
Min/Max Neck Size 1” – 4” 25 – 102 mm
Min/Max Diameter 1.5” – 7” 38 – 178 mm
Min/Max Height 6” – 11” 152 – 280 mm

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Guards are supplied and must be in place before operation. All sales are subject to our prevailing terms and conditions of sale. Other options available upon request.