Surface Treater for Wide Variety of Parts

Taken from INJECTION MOLDING May 1998 page 145

A new open atmosphere plasma surface treating system, The Lectro-Treat, employs a nonvacuum, continuous process with high voltage and low frequency to surface plastic parts for bonding of inks, paints, labels, foams, and adhesives.

Here’s how it works: The Lectro-Treat system creates an electrical plasma inside a surface treating tunnel. As the plastic parts are conveyed through the cold plasma field, the part is treated evenly over the exterior or interior of the plastic surface. The treatment is consistent and repeatable with no change to the cosmetic appearance or integrity of the plastic part. The Lectro-Treat can accommodate all sizes of 3-D parts, from syringe tips to 55-gal drums and automotive bumpers. Pricing starts at $5000.

Lectro Engineering Co.,
St. Louis, MO