RTS powdered resin surface treating is an extraordinary method to surface treat powdered resin for enhanced surface properties.

The RTS Lectro-Treat is cutting technology that has been designed to surface treat the powder resin utilized for rotationally mold plastic parts.  By treating the powder resin, adhesion of all types of foam is possible.  This allows a customer the ability to change from cross-linked polyethylene resin to linear low polyethylene type resin and achieve perfect adhesion.  Excellent adhesion also achieved with most water based products.

The Lectro-Treat technology has been utilized to surface treat plastic parts for over 50 years.  Combining the time proven Lectro-Treat technology and our new patent pending powdered resin process, the customer can pre-treat their powder resin before they mold it.  The untreated powdered resin is fed via a standard vacuum loader into the RTS infeed hopper.  An auger system continually conveys powder resin through our gas plasma treatment until it is collected at the exit in Gaylord’s or resin totes.

The RTS surface treating system is a continuous process with quantifiable results and proven quality control.  With treating rates over 1,000 pounds per hour, this is truly a high performance system that can provide an endless supply of pre-treated powdered resin.  Adjustable treatment levels are possible.  Surface treatment properties have been shown to last over 3 years after treatment.

For further information about the new Lectro-Treat RTS system, contact sales@lectrotreat.com

Please click here to view our Power Point presentation showing more of the mechanics of the RTS machine and how we control our patent pending process.