Introducing the Lectro-Treat 2100VD

Lectro Engineering world leader in true open air plasma surface treating systems announces the development of the smallest Lectro-Treat in their 58 year history. The unit is designed for new applications and existing product lines where space is at a premium. In the past there have been many instances where a standard unit could not replace flame treating due to the size of the Lectro-Treat. This is no longer an issue allowing you to take full advantage of all the benefits that the Lectro-Treat process has to offer over flame treating.

The new LT 2100VD surface treater is only 38" wide and 48" long, now even smaller than a standard flamer foot print.

The LT 2100VD will solve adhesion problems in a variety of applications including labeling, foaming, printing, painting and silk screening. A wide cross section of industries including automotive, container, medical, industrial, recreational, house ware, and promotion items will enjoy numerous savings.

The LT 2100VD is highly efficient and will reduce you're operating costs by eliminating adhesion promoters as well as allowing the use of inexpensive water base paints/inks for decoration. Lower insurance premiums due to the absence of open flame in the plant not only reduce cost but also create a much safer work environment. Scrap rates due to deformation or over treating will be reduced helping improve your bottom line.

The flexibility of the LT 2100VD is unparalleled. It can be used with all types of molding processes including injection molding, blow molding, extruded, thermoformed and vacuum formed plastic parts. It requires no adjustments if your production line changes from one product to another while assuring you of 360 degree treatment of your part. These combined features are unmatched in the treating industry.

You will be able to see this breakthrough in technology at this year's 2018 NPE show at Lectro's booth number W1831 from May 5th through the 11rd.

For more information prior to the NPE show contact Greg Wood at 314-567-3100 or