LT Cold FlamerLT Cold Flamer

The LT Cold Flamer is the first true replacement for flame treaters.  The Cold Flamer takes up very little floor space and uses minimal electricity to run.  There are no flames and this reduces the constant chance of fires when running a flaming system.  If the production line shuts down and containers back up into the Cold Flamer, there is no damage or heat exchanged to the parts. The Cold Flamer is ideally suited for flat panel containers in inline applications.

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The Cold Flamer is the same size as a conventional flame treater Quick and easy conversion from flame reducing
cost of changing systems. See through design
allows plant staff to have the same view as before.
100% treatment of parts with no flame

Significantly lowers insurance costs and reduces
workman’s comp claims. Eliminates the possibility
of fire on the production line.

Easy adjustable electrodes One LT Cold Flamer eliminates multiple size flame
treaters. Quick and easy line changeover.
Treating process requires no heat Eliminates scrapped parts due to shrinkage,
warping, and surface crazing. Will not dull high
gloss finish.
Quick hook up of electrical and exhaust Lowers cost for initial set up and increases
portability from one line to the next.
PLC with jam detection sensors PLC allows communication with rest of product line reducing downtime with auto shut off. Sensors alert PLC to shut down line if jam occurs at unit.



Utility Requirement:
Width 39”
Length 74”
Height 60”
Weight 1000 lbs.
Voltage        240VAC/1 Phase
KVA Rating    4.1
  Container Range:
Containers per minute (Variable based on level of treatment needed)
4” exhaust line to outside of building. Container Width 2” – 7”
Container Height 5” – 15”
  Call for quote on other size containers

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Guards are supplied and must be in place before operation. All sales are subject to our prevailing terms and conditions of sale.