Internal Plasma Treater

The Internal Plasma Treater has been designed to treat the inside and outside of hollow plastic parts. By treating the interior surface, adhesion of barrier coatings is possible which reduces or eliminates solvent or fuel migration in drums, containers, and fuel tanks. In the application of foam it is possible to change from cross-linked polyethylene to more cost effective linear polyethylene. Plastic bulk or powdered materials can also be treated in special designed Lectro-Treats.

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Surface Treatment Levels >70 dynes/cm over the entire outside of three dimensional plastic parts Allows the decoration/adhesion on plastic parts without the use of costly primers or chemical wipes
Open Atmosphere Plasma

Continual process, no vacuum required, higher production rates.

Versatility No set-up required for different shapes resulting in labor and production savings.
No Heat Zero scrap due to heat warping, surface crazing, stress relieving and paneling. Maintains the surface integrity of your plastic parts. Thin walling of parts made possible resulting in material savings.
Safe Equipment Lower insurance premiums, no open flames
Efficient Operation Low cost power construction
Low Frequency 50-60HZ No interference with Electronic/PLC/Computers controls.
Low Maintenance Only periodic cleaning necessary.
PLC Controls Reliable and repeatable production rates, allows interface with entire production line.
Cold Plasma 360 degree uniform surface treatment guaranteed.



Input Voltage Standard 240 volt, 3 phase Any voltage can be accommodated
Frequency 50-60HZ
Total Electrical Load Not to exceed 8 KVA on standard units
Certification UL, CSA or CE components
Conveyor Heights Standard 43.5" above floor
Other heights are available
Complete Systems Standard unit includes surface treating, conveyor and exhaust systems.
Custom Design Available upon request