LT III Forced Air Plasma TreaterLT Indirect Electrode

The LT Indirect Electrode is a Corona treating system that does not require a ground electrode. This allows for continuous treating of flat or semi curved plastic parts. There are no restrictions on the thickness of the plastic or the position of the electrode bank.



Indirect Discharge Electrode (IDE)

The Indirect Discharge Electrode method is one approach among others to increase the surface tension of polymer, in order to achieve better adhesion of paints, glues, inks or varnishes.


The Indirect Discharge Electrode produces a surface treatment by CORONA EFFECT. The system is designed based on a patented method that uses pin discharge effect to obtain a highly concentrated electrical field.

An electrode comes in one or a group of bars on which are mounted series of pins assembled on an insulating support

The physical dimensions of an indirect discharge electrode bat are similar to a static eliminator bar.


A high voltage is applied to the bars on which pins are mounted, thus generating electric arcing called crown effect or CORONA EFFECT.

The height of the electric arc is approximately 10mm and it slightly touches the surface of the plastic materials under treatment creating a surface tension that improves the adherence of paints, glues, inks or varnishes.


The treatment can by applied to all plastic materials or others, as long as the asperities of the surface do not exceed 10mm.

The surface under treatment must be free of any conductive materials. Metal and carbon elements as well as wet elements should never be used. The electrode can be mounted in any position.

As there is a constant pitch between the pins, the electrode can be mounted diagonally to the displacement of the material under treatment. This increase the treatment coverage of the electrode.