Plastic Surface Treating Equipment

Lectro-Treat manufactures a complete line of standard and customizable plastic surface treating equipment.

Forced-air plasma surface treater, for lab & small profile applications.

Space saving plastic surface treater for three-dimensional parts both oriented and non oriented.

LT 2012
LT 2012 takes up 66% less floor space than the standard 12” Bulk Lectro-Treats
Plastic surface treater for three dimensional plastic parts requiring no orientation.

Plastic surface treater for in-line or orientated plastic parts on continuous conveyor systems.
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RTS Powdered Resin Treating
The RTS process allows powdered resins used in rotational molding to be surface treated prior to molding.  This promotes adhesion for paint, labeling or the application of inexpensive foams to internal cavities.
Internal Plasma Treater
Treats the inside and outside of hollow plastic parts for adhesion of barrier coatings, foams, and other materials.
LT Indirect Electrode
Corona treating system that is perfect for flat or semi curved plastic parts.

LT Cold Flamer
The direct replacement for in line flame treating systems.

Plasma Torch
Forced air plasma discharge used for treating in narrow or deep areas of both conductive and non conductive materials.
Ozone Destruct Systems
Ozone destruct system reduces ozone exhaust emissions to less than .0.5PPM ozone and can be mounted directly to the exhaust blower or mounted remotely with an optional 6” ozone resistant hose.
Dyne Test Kits
Used for accurate testing of dyne levels (surface tension level) on various surfaces.
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