Dyne Test Kits

Dyne Test KitsOne of the first steps to print on plastic is to determine the dyne level. The Dyne Test Kit is an accurate tool to measure the surface tension level of plastic surfaces. Each kit contains 11 bottles of test solution in two dyne increments. There are different ranges of dyne kits based on your requirements. Single Dyne bottles are also available.

Each Wetting Tension Test Kit listed below contains 1 bottles (100 cc each) of test solutions,
covering the specified range of dyne levels in two dyne increments. Each kit also includes a
box of cotton swab applicators and pertinent Material Safety Data Sheets.



785-0000 30 Through 50
785-0001 40 Through 60
785-0002 50 Through 70

Single Dyne Level Test Solutions

Test solutions are also available for a single dyne level from
30 through 70 dynes, in either 100cc or Quart Bottles, as follows:
785-0003  100cc Bottles

For more information, please view the PDF.

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