Cold Flamer and Robotic Hand

The LT Cold Flamer, designed to replace flame treaters for in-line surface treatment of plastics, will be demonstrated by Lectro Engineering Co. at NPE 2003. The company, which specializes in 3-D plastic surface treating equipment, says installation of LT Cold Flamer will result in substantial cost savings as a result of lower insurance premiums by removing open-flame treaters in plants, elimination of scrapped parts, decreased utility bills in climate-controlled facilities, and quick changeovers from the production of one product to another.

MTM Systems, a division of Lectro Engineering, will display its 2001A, a takeaway and deflash system for blow-molding applications. The 2001A has a touch-screen display for "on the fly" programming, and changeover times can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes. The system's robotic hand uses improved toggle-clamp-type angular grippers that deliver more than double the holding strength of previous designs. The deflasher station has opposing cylinders and a wider base to provide a scrap throat opening double the size of typical takeaway systems. Bottles are handled by the new carriage transfer systems using opposing nests to ensure accurate placement of each product in the de-flash nest. Unique features such as soft-jaw tooling, vacuum tooling, and articulated tooling can be custom-engineered for unusual products.

Automation Technology, Inc., also a division of Lectro Engineering, will be offering its production-line equipment design and build services to plastics manufacturers at NPE 2003.