Press Release for the LT 2000

As seen in: Packaging Digest - May 2000, Paint & Coatings Industry-May 2000, Modern Plastics-June 2000, Plastics Auxiliaries-June 2000, Plastics Technology-June 2000 and Auto Interiors-September 2000

Lectro Engineering, the worldwide leader in three-dimensional plastic surface treating equipment, introduces the LT 2000. This new product is designed to replace or eliminate the use of flame for treating plastic parts. The LT 2000 is 66% smaller, treats parts faster and is a fraction of the cost of our standard Lectro-Treat.

The flexibility of the Lectro-Treat system is unparalleled. It can be used with all types of molding processes including injection molding, blow molding, extruded, thermoformed and vacuum formed plastic parts. It requires no adjustments if your production line changes from one product to another.
From a technical standpoint the Lectro-Treat operates on a capacitive electrode system creating oxidized cold plasma inside the treating tunnel at atmospheric pressure. Since there is no vacuum, all parts pass through the tunnel on a continuous conveyor system. Our machine reaches a higher level of energy by supplying what is referred to as directional plasma in air.

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