Lectro-Treat 3-D Plastic Surface Treating Systems 

Welcome to Lectro-Treat, the safer, more productive, and cost effective alternative to traditional plastic surface treating systems. Designed specifically for the treatment of three dimensional plastic objects, Lectro-Treat systems utlize high voltage cold electrical plasma in air that flow parallel across the plastic part to raise surface energy. This technology eliminates the most common problems associated with traditional impingement surface treating processes like corona and flame treating.

  • No Need for set up of parts (provides uniform 360 treatment)
  • No risk of burning, warpage, shrinkage, or overtreatment
  • Low energy requirements


Revolutionary Corona System

Lectro Resin Treatment Advances Part Decoration

RTS is a patent-pending system that allows common resins to be treated while in powder form. Mostly it is applicable to polyethylene, polypropylene and thermoplastic olefins. Without treatment, parts made from those resins are difficult to paint, and they resist adhesives and other decorations.
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Case Study: Automotive Airbag Supplier learns about - Going Green and Saving Green when Treating Plastics  



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