LectroTreat is the safer, more productive, and cost effective alternative to traditional plastic surface treating systems.

Designed specifically for the treatment of three dimensional plastic objects, LectroTreat systems utilize high-voltage, cold electrical plasma in air that flows parallel across the plastic part to raise surface energy.


Why LectroTreat

LectroTreat's technology eliminates the most common problems associated with traditional impingement surface treating processes like corona and flame treating.

No Need for Set Up

Quickly Provides
Uniform 360° Treatment


No Risk of Burning, Warpage, Shrinkage, or Overtreatment

Low Energy

Low Energy Requirements


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Benefits of the LectroTreat Cold Plasma Process

LectroTreat machines utilize an “open air,” cold plasma treatment system that treats small and large objects alike with ease.  Our machines feature a plasma tunnel treatment system that safely and quickly treats all surfaces of an object at once, with no unpredictable and dangerous fire elements or slow and precise detail treating required.

Ease of Use
Ease of Use

The LectroTreat process surface treats both interior and exterior surfaces equally well with little to no set-up required for different size parts.

Cost Savings

With LectroTreat you will lower your scrap rates, decrease your energy usage and realize lower labor rates.

Better For The Environment

LectroTreat assist in VOC compliance by eliminating the need for adhesion promoters and allowing the use of water based paints and adhesives.

Added Value
Added Value

LectroTreat builds durable and reliable machines that provide quality, consistency, and repeatable results for an excellent ROI. 

Our Clients

These clients depend on the efficiency and power of Lectro Engineering to drive their business: