Plastic surface treater for in-line or orientated plastic parts on continuous conveyor systems

For adhesion solutions on 3-dimensional oriented plastic parts, Lectro Engineering offers the In-Line LectroTreat surface treating system. The In-Line LectroTreat is built for a specific part size, line speed, and application. Your parts can be placed directly on a conveyor belt or be placed on an over head hanging conveyor to consistently surface treat the entire outside of the part. The In-Line LectroTreat lends itself to assembling, painting, gluing, or any automated line where orientation is required.


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In-Line LectroTreat Features & Benefits

Surface Treatment Levels
Surface Treatment Levels

Surface Treatment Levels >70 dynes/cm over the entire outside of three dimensional plastic parts. Allows the decoration/ adhesion on plastic parts without the use of costly primers or chemical wipes.

No Heat

Zero scrap due to heat warping, surface crazing, stress relieving and paneling. Maintains the surface integrity of your plastic parts. Thin walling of parts made possible resulting in material savings.


No set-up required for different shapes resulting in labor and production savings

Continual Process
Open Atmosphere Plasma

Continual process, no vacuum
required, higher production rates

Safe Equipment

Lower insurance premiums,
no open flames

Efficient Operation with Low Maintenance

Low cost power construction;
Only periodic cleaning necessary

Low Frequency
Low Frequency 50-60HZ

No interference with Electronic/PLC/Computers controls

PLC Controls

Reliable and repeatable production rates, allows interface with entire production line

Cold Plasma

360 degree uniform surface
treatment guaranteed

In-Line LectroTreat Specifications

Input Voltage

Standard 240 volt, 3 phase Any voltage can be accommodated.



Total Electrical Load

Not to exceed 8 KVA on standard units


UL, CSA or CE components

Equipment Dimensions

Standard 43.5″ above floor
Other heights are available

Conveyor Heights

37″ above the floor

Complete Systems

Standard unit includes surface treating, conveyor and exhaust systems.

Custom Design

Available upon request

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Guards are supplied and must be in place before operation. All sales are subject to our prevailing terms and conditions of sale. Other options available upon request.