Our broad range of capabilities enables us to design and build the right automation solution for your project. Our equipment is shown in the following categories:

Assembly   Robotics   Welding   Presses
Testing Equipment   Waterjet Services   Drilling and Tapping    


Assembly Machines

Automatic Bolt Feed & Installation Machine

Here is an automatic bolt feeder and driver unit that was integrated into a customer’s existing production line. Four bolts are fed into the plastic tubes with a feeder bowl and escapements. Compressed air blows the bolts through the tubes into nests where pneumatic drivers insert and drive the bolts into the part. Cycle time is approximately seven seconds.


Terminal Insertion Machine

This machine inserts and crimps 3 types of terminals (two different sizes of spade and one screw terminal) into a circuit board at a rate exceeding 60 per minute. An operator is required to make tooling changes on the rotating table to accommodate the different circuit board sizes. An operator interface (top left) allows the operator to choose which program to run after making the tooling change, and displays machine faults.




Welding Machines

Solder Reflow Assembly Station


Heat Exchanger Tack Welding Machine



Robotic Systems

Laboratory Automation System



Specialized Presses

Bicycle Fork Bearing Press












Automated Test Equipment

Automotive Fuel Pump Tester Motor Test Stand




Drilling & Tapping Machine

Indexing Drilling Machine

















Waterjet Services

Precision Abrasive WaterJet Cutting Service Utilizing State-of-the-Art OMAX 55100 Machine

Quality: We admit to being perfectionists, so you get "Part after Part" reliability and predictable excellence. With our new technology, your project is approached in a unique way separating us from other “waterjet shops”.

Service: As soon as your project arrives, your requirements are reviewed. If any questions arise, you are called immediately. Occasionally, our customers will need their job to be expedited. These jobs are prioritized; doing everything we can to accommodate our customers.

Our commitment to excellence: We approach every project as if it were our own. Our goal is to work with you as a member of your team striving towards our joint success.

Low Cost: OMAX’s Abrasive WaterJet controller with integrated CAD/CAM system uses your existing DXF files. No costly dies, fixtures, or elaborate CNC programs required. “Parts nesting” provides optimum use of sheet materials, reducing scrap.

No Minimum: Low setup costs allow for inexpensive highly accurate cuts (+/- .005”) for quantities as small as one item up to production runs.

Smooth, Flat Cuts: Water jet cuts are smooth and are similar to a fine sandblasted finish (A choice of five finishes). Accuracies of +/- 0.001 taper can be held throughout the material thickness due to the OMAX Z-Axis precise tilt a jet nozzle positioning technology (With most other Jet Machining Systems if the material is thick, the side becomes tapered ).

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