At Automation Technology we build machines. We have complete facilities to handle a wide range of projects. Our engineers produce all of the machines on CAD and specify optimal components for each machine. Machinists produce all of the parts to toleranced detail drawings. Controls and Programming are built to your requirements on almost any PLC and operator interface you specify.

Every step of the way our clients are involved and informed. At the end of the project, satisfaction is required before the machine is complete.

Even when it’s complete, we're not finished. Support is where we excel and is how we built our reputation.

Our broad range of capabilities enables us to design and build the right automation solution for your project.

  • CAD Machine Design
  • Electrical Systems Design
  • PLC and MMI Programming
  • PC Programming in Visual BASIC
  • Motion Programming
  • Vision System Integration
  • Standard Machining
  • CNC Machining
  • Welding—Both TIG and Mig
  • Controls—design through panel building

OMAX 55100

We can cut almost any available raw material up to 8 inches thick. The cutting area is 55” x 100”’. Stacking raw materials allows multiple parts to be cut in a single pass. No heat-affected zone or thermal damage normally associated with laser or plasma cutters. For additional information on our Omax 55100 Water Jet capabilities and price quotes, please give us a call, 1-314-567-3100.

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