Plastic Surface Treatment &
Downstream Blow Molding Equipment

Since 1960 Lectro Engineering has been providing 3 Dimensional Plastic Surface Treatment Systems for companies worldwide.  In 2001 the company grew with the acquisition of MTM Systems and ATI giving customers a one stop shop for downstream blow molded equipment including spin trimmers, impact deflashers, demoilers  ID reamers, and takeaway machines.    


Surface Treating Equipment

The Best Alternative to Flame, Corona, or Plasma for the Treatment of Plastics

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plastic surface treating equipment.

MTM Systems
Trimmers - Deflashers - Takeaways

The Industry Leader in Spin Trimming, Deflashing, Detabbing, and Demoiling of Plastic Containers

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auxiliary blow molding equipmemnt.

Automation Technology
Custom Production Equipment

Custom Production Automation for Manual, Semi-Automatic, and Turnkey Automated Systems

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welding machines and more.

Kalwar Group

Corona & Plasma Surface Treatment Equipment

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