3-D Plastic Surface

Treating Systems

See why our high-voltage, cold electrical plasma systems are a safer, more productive and more cost-effective alternative to surface treating three dimensional plastic objects.


Bottle & Container

Production Automation

Explore our line of Spin Trimmers, Deflashers, and Takeaways designed for high line speeds, low maintenance, and the elimination of downtime in your bottle and container production line.


3-D Plastic Surface Treating Systems

Designed specifically for the treatment of three dimensional plastic objects, LectroTreat systems utilize high voltage cold electrical plasma in air that flows parallel across the plastic part to raise surface energy. This technology eliminates the most common problems associated with traditional impingement surface treating processes, like corona and flame treating.

  • No Need for set up of parts (provides uniform 360 treatment)
  • No risk of burning, warpage, shrinkage, or overtreatment
  • Low energy requirements
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Bottle & Container Production Automation

The MTM Systems line of offers state-of-the-art efficiency, precision, and versatility, while offering low total cost of ownership – and is in use for countless applications around the US and throughout the world.

Welcome to MTM Systems, equipment designed for high line speeds, low maintenance, and elimination of downtime in your bottle and container production line.

  • Patented Heated-Blade Spin Trimmers
  • Innovative, Energy-efficient Deflashers
  • Quick, Accurate Chip-free Neck Trimmers
  • Cost-effective, Modular Takeaways and Conveyors
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Since 1960, Lectro Engineering has been automating production lines around the world with the industry's most comprehensive and innovative line of equipment.

Innovative Solutions

At Lectro Engineering, we have been dedicated to solving our client's most challenging problems with innovative solutions. From improving productivity to making one's operation more environmentally friendly, we have been up for the challenge.

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Going Green while Saving Green

LectroTreat helps a tier one automotive supplier save money while eliminating VOC's and all their associated costs.

MTM Sytems Improves Productivity by 23%

Integration of high speed spin trimmer, deflasher and gear detabber helps manufacturers improve efficiency.

Eliminating Shrinkage and Warping

LectroTreat's open air plasma technology is helping auto part manufacturers improve quality, reduce scrap and more.

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